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10th August 2018

Will and Mjolli have a super litter of four kittens!

You can meet them on the 'kittens' page.

We are Rosie and Bob, breeders of Norwegian Forest Cats based in Buckinghamshire, UK.  We have been breeding pedigree cats since 1983 and Norwegian Forest Cats since 1993.  Rosie is a member of the Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Advisory Committee.  Our cats are registered with GCCF.  Our prefix Vieuxtemps is also registered with FIFe, the European cat federation, and TICA which is the worldwide governing body.
Our priorities as breeders are:

The health and happiness of our cats, each of whom is a family member - never a breeding machine who is kept outdoors and moved on as soon as they have stopped being useful 


The health of the kittens we sell - full

health testing of parents and ancestors is important, don't believe otherwise!

The socialisation of our kittens (and cats of course)


The appearance of our cats - they should look like Forest Cats and act like Forest Cats.  We aim to breed as closely to the Standard of Points as possible.  But the other priorities are more important to us even though we have had our share of show winners.

As many of our cats have gradually died of old age, and we ourselves are feeling the years creeping up on us, we have decided to have only one litter per year from now on.  So we have one queen - the beautiful Vieuxtemps Mjolli - and one magnificent stud cat imported from America, Intowishin' Will Scarlet.  We also have our much -loved retired stud cat Quink (Quil Gyldenloeve, a second generation Forest Cat from Denmark).

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