Will - pedigree name IntoWishin Will Scarlet

Will came all the way from America in 2014.  He was bred by a trusted breeder friend from wonderful Scandinavian lines. We were particularly drawn to the fact that Will's ancestors had been carefully health tested, as health is our top priority when breeding Norwegian Forest Cats.  He is a very sweet-natured and gentle boy who loves helping to bring up his kittens and teach them how to be a well-behaved Forest Cat.  His pedigree can be seen here:  Will's pedigree.

The photo on the right was taken by Laura Nundy.  Will has been to some shows where he became a TICA champion and junior winner. He also has Challenge Certificates from GCCF and Felis Britannica shows, but hasn't been to enough shows to gain a title there in spite of winning his open class every time - we keep meaning to change that, and hope to take him out again when we can.

Will is occasionally allowed to father kittens at other catteries where we know and trust the breeders.  He currently has a litter here: Zelandonii